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Raidmax Mustang 289 (eng)

Raidmax Mustang 289 Review


Dimensions (HxWxD): 410x200x450 mm
Form factor: ATX, mATX
Material: Steel

Expansion Bays:
4 pcs. extern 5¼"
2 pcs. extern 3½"
4 pcs. intern 3½"

Fan mountings:
Front: 4 pcs. 80mm
Back: 1 pcs. 60mm
Sidedoor: 2 pcs. 80mm

2 pcs. Yate Loon (32 dBa) includes (4-pins).

Front interfaces:
USB 2.0: 2 pcs & Audio: 2 pcs. (input/output)

7.23 kg

The case arrives well packed in a cardboard box with a drawing that shows how the case looks like.

It says 7.8kgs on the box but with just the case my Tall Tale measure 7.21kg.


The case has a nice shine and looks appealing. The front is of acryl.
The inside. Pretty roomy, many places for hard drives etc. But just a 60mm at the back is not good, more of that later.

Behind the front cover there is 4pcs 80mm fan mountings, and a metal net on the front cover to get the fresh air inside.

To sum up the fan mountings there are 4pcs on the front, and 2pcs on the side-door. The two fans that comes with the case is pre-mounted at the side-door to suck air out from the case, but doesn’t the warm air go up?

The only good place on the case to mount a fan to suck the warm air out from the case is on the back or the top, and that is only a 60mm on the back.


Here I have mounted the motherboard and all the other necessary stuff. I filled up the 4 fan mountings at the front, just had a couple of fans to spare.


You should have a black CD-Rom-drive to match the case but I didn't have one so I did a little modification instead.

I've mounted a Cold cathode blue light into the case and here is the results, pretty nice.



The case really looks good but the airflow solution isn’t the best. Something that I did with the case was to make an 80mm hole on the top of the case, then it was allot better. I don't know how they had planed the airflow, but not very well anyway.

The price were I bought the case was pretty cheep so that’s good but it was without a power supply. If you are not buying it for it looks the Storm 847 model from Raidmax I think will be a better choice, it has already a fan mounting on the top.

One thing that I notice after a while was vibrations from the case. These vibrations caused unpleasant sound and if I pressed on the case the vibrations stopped, but came back after a while. I modified the metal side with some isolation and tried to make it more stable then it got better but I don't think it’s very good built when jarring sound comes from the case.

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